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Postmarks as Payments

NEW: Postmarks are no longer accepted for tax payments. Payment must be in the office by the close of business on the last day to avoid interest.

Census 2020

Census at a Glance
Census 101  What you Need to Know
How the 2020 Census will invite everyone to respond

June 13, 2020 - Township Clean-Up Day

Save the Date:  Our next Township Clean-Up Day for Martiny Township residents is Saturday, June 13, 2020 9:00 AM until Noon or until dumpsters are full.  To understand blight control, we refer to the Mecosta County Zoning Ordinance Section 3.48 pages 113-115 with enforcement found in Article VIII Section 8.5 pages 150 and 151.

(Click Here for Mescota County Zoning Ordinance)

The purpose of blight control is to secure the public health, safety and welfare of the residents and property owners of Mecosta County.  The Zoning Ordinance enforces these regulations: abandoned vehicles, wrecked, dismantled, unusable and unregistered vehicles, outside parking and storage of junk, trash, rubbish, building materials, blighted structures (run-down, ruined or unsafe) and other blighting factors within the County. All building and zoning for Martiny Township is mandated by Mecosta County Building & Zoning and Martiny Township supports the Mecosta County Zoning and Enforcement.  To avoid receiving a Blight Notice from Mecosta County Building and Zoning Office:  keep your yard mowed, cleared of scrap materials and unusable vehicles as well as any other blight debris.  We need your help in keeping Martiny Township clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Nov 5 - Voting Registration

Remember to get registered to vote! Registering as early as possible makes the process much easier when Election day, November 5, comes around.

SEPT 26 - Cemetery Roads Upgraded

Cemetery roads have been upgraded with new gravel this month.  Security implementation in the cemetery is being evaluated. The cemetery ordinance is being updated as well.

SEPT 7 - Fall 2019 Township Cleanup

Fall 2019 Township Cleanup: Although the turnout was lighter than expected, the Fall trash day was a success.  Two dumpsters were filled with unwanted items and our Township will be cleaner as a result.

AUGUST 27 - Martiny Township Boat Launch

Martiny Township boat launch at Horsehead Lake completed:  Annette’s Construction completed the project on August 27, just in time for the prime end of season boat removal from Horsehead Lake.  The project that was initiated and managed by former Township Supervisor, Bruce Cummings, almost 1 year ago, has come to fruition.  Thanks to the Michigan DNR for the supplies and structure material, the Horsehead Lake Association for notifying their members during the construction, and the many boat haulers who had to adjust their schedules during the construction.

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JULY 25 - Secure After Hours Drop Box

A secure after hours drop box is now available at the township hall for paying taxes (NO CASH) and submitting absentee ballots.  The drop box construction was completed July 25.

(Click Here to See Drop Box!)

JULY 16 - Parking Lot Resurfaced

Township Hall parking lot was resurfaced by Taylor Asphalt.

JULY 12 - Martiny Twp Converts to LED

Martiny Township Hall lighting has been converted to LED due to participation in the Consumers Energy Business Energy Efficiency Program.   Application was made last May to retro-fit all of the lighting at the township hall and pavilion.  The cost of the project to the township was $5,545.75.  A rebate of $442.80 was received from Consumers Energy.  This effort will help achieve energy savings and reduce our energy consumption for years to come.